In case you have a shared web hosting account, the provider takes care of maintenances, updates and backups, but this isn't the situation with virtual and dedicated hosting servers. If you need an independent machine because a shared plan doesn't have enough resources to support your web programs or you just need particular custom software to be running on the server and it's not present within the shared one, you may not have much choice as to what type of Internet hosting you can use. While this may not be an issue in case you have practical knowledge, you may face difficulties in case you have never had a server of your own. This is the reason why we offer a Managed Services upgrade which you could include to your server package whenever you want. It provides various things such as weekly backups, Operating System updates and installation of third-party software, so you won't be required to spend time and efforts on this kind of matters.
Managed Services Package in Dedicated Servers Hosting
We offer the Managed Services package with all our Linux dedicated servers hosting and if you make a decision that you want it, you may add it on the order page or via your billing area with just a few mouse clicks. You could also choose if you will use it only once or for an extensive period of time since it shall not be locked to your dedicated hosting server plan. The Managed Services upgrade includes fifty GB of backup space to guarantee that we can restore any critical data you may have if anything breaks down, 24/7 hosting server supervising and rebooting when required, Operating System updates to guarantee the risk-free and stable functioning of your Internet sites along with installing and troubleshooting any third-party app you want to use on the server. You'll be able to save a reasonable amount of time and efforts with this upgrade because you will get timely support from our qualified system administrators whenever you require it.